Pulp & Paper key projects

RGE is a long term supplier to Australian Paper. Included among the many applications supplied to Australian Paper are:

Cyclone Separator

A Cyclone Separator is used to remove dirt from an acidic bleached refined pulp solution.

  • 600mm diameter inlet and outlet piping to the separator was fabricated by RGE from standard vinyl ester resin. This imparted reduced slime build-up, excellent corrosion resistance and superior fatigue resistance compared to thin walled stainless steel pipe. It has given trouble free performance since its installation in 1987.

Pulp Slurry Piping

Steel corrosion was an issue for handling pulp slurries, but RGE FRP piping made from standard vinyl ester resin has eliminated this. The environment is aqueous ranging from acidic to near neutral pH, and has so far demonstrated successful use for about 10 years.

Filter Hoods

Filter Hoods contain and redirect residual chlorine gas and water vapour to the tail gas scrubber.

  • The RGE Filter Hoods were fabricated using standard vinyl ester resin and had to withstand chlorine gas released when the pulp cake was sprayed with hot water. They were 3.2m long, 3.8m wide and 1.4m high.

Acid Storage

Hydrochloric acid is a feedstock in the chlorine dioxide production process. In this instance it is 32% concentration held at 40°C.

  • The hydrochloric acid storage tank was made using standard vinyl ester resin for the structural laminate and premium resin in the corrosion barrier. It was 18m3 in capacity

Cyclone Separator


Short fibre pulp slurry piping