Testing Barcol hardness to determine cure

RGE offers all aspects of FRP equipment supply from design to installation and beyond. i.e. design, manufacture, installation, on-site condition monitoring and maintenance and after-sales support.

We have the biggest in-house skilled workforce in Australia for on-site maintenance work and can mobilise at short notice from any of our four factory locations across Australia with an array of RGE equipment to suit varied scopes of work e.g. vehicles, container fitted workshops etc.

Inspection / Monitoring

On-site inspections if completed on a regular basis can provide a good indication of the serviceability of fibreglass equipment and whether the equipment is deteriorating over time. High level technical expertise and experience with FRP is necessary to provide accurate assessment of the current condition and remaining service life of FRP equipment. RGE is particularly well resourced to provide this service.

Full QA procedures would be invoked to carry out the work from start to finish.

One of the best ways of determining whether a fibreglass item is deteriorating is through visual inspections. This can determine whether the surface is being corroded by the process fluid, eroded by abrasion or if the process fluid is penetrating the fibreglass laminate.

Thickness measurements can be taken and confirmed by calculation that a fibreglass structure is strong enough for the specified service. This can also determine how much laminate has been worn away if abrasion is a problem.

After inspection, a written report is supplied detailing the current serviceability of the fibreglass equipment and what remedial work if any should be undertaken.


High quality repairs rely upon fabrication skills and an understanding of the principles behind achieving good cure and having the appropriate laminate construction. It is important to re-create the original laminate as closely as possible, paying particular attention to the corrosion barrier integrity.

RGE has many years experience in on-site repair work and thoroughly understands the correct way to repair fibreglass to maximise service life. The most important challenge is the varied site and plant conditions that can exist and impact on the methods to be undertaken to achieve the best results. RGE has a work force that has this experience and the technical knowhow to adapt to the challenges that are presented. With piping for instance, a new flanged section of FRP can be manufactured, pre-assembled and inserted to give the best possible repair in a shorter time frame.

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Translucent pipe inserted to
monitor liquid flow

Surface preparation
before applying repair

Ring main modifications to
allow flushing

Acid cooling tower inlets inserted

Key Projects

For over 40 years RGE has undertaken long term on-site condition monitoring, recommendations and repairs at several major mining and industrial complexes around Australia. In recent years these have included Incitec Pivot, KNS, Nyrstar, Sunmetals, QNI and BHP-Billiton Olympic Dam. In addition regular planned condition checks have been carried out at Australian Paper.  RGE continues to assist these sites now and into the future.