Our Products – Pollution control equipment

A wide variety of pollution control equipment can be manufactured from fibreglass. This includes electrostatic precipitators, packed bed scrubbers, venturi scrubbers and fume stacks.

To date our largest packed bed scrubber is 18 metres high and 7.2 metres internal diameter. This particular scrubber has a design pressure of -15kPa.

All equipment is manufactured to our client's dimensional requirements to ensure that the final operating conditions match the process design calculations, ensuring the equipment works efficiently.

The largest fume stack built by RGE Pty Ltd was erected in Ghana. This stack operated at up to 145 degrees. The size of this stack was 1500mm diameter at the top, 1800mm at the base and 72 metres high. This unit was packed into two 12 metre long containers and assembled on site.

Electrostatic precipitators have been constructed entirely of fibreglass including the tube stack. To ensure conductivity in the tubes, carbon fibre is used. Electrostatic precipitators have been constructed entirely from fibreglass, replacing heavy lead lined units. To ensure the conductivity of the vessel internals, carbon fibre is used as a conductor. There are vessels manufactured using this method that have been in service for over 15 years and to date we have built 7 units that are operating successfully.