Mining key projects

BHP-Billiton Olympic Dam

RGE has produced a wide variety of conductive FRP piping systems and components and applied large areas of concrete protection linings for the BHP-Billiton Olympic Dam rebuild and upgrade in South Australia, demonstrating its ability to co-ordinate large projects with stringent quality control standards. The picture is of carbon coated product inlet nozzles for a copper raffinate tank and is an example of developing FRP products to suit specific requirements of clients.

Conductive raffinate inlet nozzles

Kalgoorlie Nickel Smelter

Some of the largest FRP Vessels in Australia are currently operating as packed bed scrubbers at the Kalgoorlie Nickel smelter in Western Australia. The two vessels shown left are both 7.1 metres in diameter and the highest being 18 metres to the top of the wall. These particular scrubbers have a design pressure of -15kPa and operate at 80°C.

Due to the size of some of these process vessels, it is quite often necessary to manufacture a large percentage of the vessel near its final destination. To accomplish this, we often have to set up a local manufacturing base near to the process plant so that transport to site becomes less of an issue.

All equipment is manufactured to our clients’ dimensional requirements to ensure that the final operating conditions match the process design calculations, ensuring the equipment works efficiently.

7.1m diameter packed bed scrubbers

Bogosu, Ghana

RGE has undertaken several international projects including the manufacture of the highest stack manufactured to date by RGE in Bogosu, Ghana, at a height of 72 metres. This project required RGE to undertake the complete design, supply, delivery and assembly of the stack in Ghana including the design of the concrete base and anchor systems, demonstrating its ability to carry out turnkey type projects. Throughout the design a complete erection process also had to be developed. The diameter of this stack ranged from 1800mm at the base down to 1500mm at the top. Other items included as part of the stack were FRP work platforms, lightning protection system, aircraft navigation lights and FRP access ladders. One set of stainless steel guy wires supporting the stack at a height of 54 metres was also part of the supply component.

Hot, acidic exhaust stack

Bulong Nickel

1997/98 - FRP tanks, fittings and installation.
103 various sized tanks were constructed, including mixer settler units. Tanks ranged in size from 600mm diameter to 6.5 metres in diameter. The settlers are built in panels, bolted together on site and then joints finished off. The settlers include height adjustable weirs to ensure the liquid flow can be maintained at the correct heights. Special consideration is given to the design of the mixer boxes, which are subjected to large positive and negative forces around the bottom of the agitator.

Western Metals

2000 - Relining of concrete solvent extraction mixer settler units.
Plastic linings were stripped from the concrete tanks after failing in service. These were replaced with fully bonded fibreglass lining systems.


Nyrstar Port Pirie

The Electrostatic Precipitator casing and tube stack under construction, (shown right), includes a carbon fibre tube stack allowing for the tubes to be conductive. This innovation has proven to be more efficient and much lighter than the lead tubes that in this case are being replaced. The outer casing, cover and ring mains are all FRP also. Fire retardant resins are used in this situation to eliminate the risk of fire in the event of an electrical short circuit. To date we have built 7 units that are operating successfully.

BHP-Billiton Olympic Dam

Settling cones have been manufactured to date up to 10 metres in diameter. These are usually supported on a steel ring beam. Internal v-notch weirs are installed that are fully adjustable once the vessel is installed and levelled on site. Where transport sizes become impractical, the vessel can be supplied in sections with final assembly taking place onsite.

Inco’s Goro nickel plant

In 2006, two large mixer settlers for Inco’s Goro nickel plant in New Caledonia represented significant logistical challenges in production. RGE’s previous experience in making similar equipment for Bulong Nickel and in making conductive laminates for Olympic Dam was invaluable in this process. This vessel was 8 metres wide and 16 metres long. A steel support structure was also supplied as part of the overall contract. Mixer tanks were also supplied for this project.



Nyrstar Hobart

Nyrstar Hobart’s 2008-09 capital project to reduce visible emissions from the Tail Gas Scrubbing Stack required the introduction of an Electrostatic Mist Precipitator with associated large diameter ducting. The ducting was up to 3m diameter. On site installation of the transition ducting was scheduled to minimize plant downtime by using a planned Campaign shutdown window.




BHP-Billiton, Olympic Dam

As part of an upgrade to the Tails Leach area, RGE fabricated and installed large tank lids and extraction ducting to a 30m high FRP stack. Stack design and installation required a high level of design and installation expertise and experience.

Conductive electrostatic precipitator

Conductive mixer settler

Scrubber Ducting

Odour Control Ducting
& Stack