Our Products – FRP piping

Fibreglass piping and ducting can be manufactured in sizes from 25mm diameter up to 3600mm diameter. Standard lengths for piping are 6 metres up to and including 200mm NS and 12 metres in sizes 250mm NS and above.

Generally piping is designed in accordance with British Standard 7159:1989. This standard provides typical thicknesses for piping
and elbows. Thicknesses vary depending on the design pressure
and temperature.

Pressure piping can be designed up to 1000 kPa. It is possible to go higher than this pressure with additional design. Ducting and pressure piping can also be designed for negative pressure.

Flanges can either be flat faced and fully fibreglass construction or raised face 'Vanstone' type flanges with steel or stainless steel backing rings. Flanges can be drilled to any applicable drilling table. Wherever possible, flange faces are supplied with grooved surfaces to ensure maximum contact with gasketing material. Typical dimensions of all items can be supplied upon request.

Plastic lined piping systems can also be supplied. Typically the plastic liner is butt-welded or hot air welded before being overlaid with FRP. This type of construction allows the FRP to add strength to the plastic liner, which is usually thin and flexible. The plastic liner used for this type of piping is usually fabric backed allowing a better mechanical bond between the liner and the fibreglass.

Joining of fibreglass piping is usually by butt strap joints. This involves overlaying the joint with numerous layers of fibreglass reinforcement to make the joint as strong as the pipe being joined.