Our Products

The range of process vessels that can be manufactured from fibreglass is
virtually limitless. These products include electrostatic precipitators, settling
cones, mixer / settler units, reactors, scrubbers and tanks.

Once the process design is finalised, the design of the vessel can be completed in accordance
with the relevant design standard. By building and designing each vessel individually, the process
designer can size the vessel to their exact requirements without having to rely on being able to
buy only a certain size.

Chemical tanks

Fibreglass and plastic lined fibreglass tanks can be made to virtually any size and shape. more »

FRP Piping

Fibreglass piping and ducting can be manufactured in sizes from 25mm diameter up to 3600mm diameter. Standard lengths for piping are 6 metres up to and including 200mm NS and 12 metres in sizes 250mm NS and above. more »

Chemical linings

RGE has expertise in installing a wide range of bonded lining systems for both concrete and steel. These linings are trowelled, sprayed or painted on with a roller. more »

Pollution control equipment

A wide variety of pollution control equipment can be manufactured from fibreglass. This includes electrostatic precipitators, packed bed scrubbers, venturi scrubbers and fume stacks. more »