Industrial key projects

WMC Fertilisers, Phosphate Hill

  • FRP pipe, fittings and installation 25NB to 1400NB
  • Total piping supply of 3.5 km.
  • Piping is designed to operate at up to 95°C with high concentrations of phosphoric acid.

"The facilities at Phosphate Hill, designed and constructed by MES, ABB and Clough, have now been completed, started up, have produced phosphoric acid, and have been handed over to WMCF for operation. A performance test by MES and HFT and formal acceptance of the Plant will take place next year.

This Project has been significant and successful for several reasons including:

  • No lost time injuries at all in over 650,000 man-hours on site - exemplary.
  • A very short and accelerated time schedule for a phosphoric acid plant, which was met with a few days to spare.
  • A Project team drawn from many participants and Contractors in Australia, Japan and Europe which, on the whole, has performed very well indeed together.
  • A happy owner

As a contractor on the project, your contribution to the project has been significant and I would like to extend, on behalf of the joint venture, my appreciation for your efforts. It is always good to be associated with a successful project and it was good to have you onboard.”

ME Anderson
Project Manager

Incitec Pivot Phosphate Hill Complex

Western Mining Company, Mount Isa

Effluent Collection tank at WMC’s Sulphuric acid plant which forms part of the Queensland Fertiliser Project. This tank is 12 metres in diameter and 8.4 metres high. This tank was constructed on-site, in three stages. The top cover was assembled at ground level, then lifted to a height of 4.2 metres where the walls were built up to the required thickness. The completed top section was then lifted to its final height of 8.4 metres and the lower section completed.

Effluent Collection Tank

Austrian Energy & Environment

A recent contract RGE gained was to supply and install cooling water piping for the 135MW Combined Cycle Condamine Power Station. This power station is based on coal seam methane gas and is based in the western Darling Downs. FRP is well suited for containment of chlorinated water and offers well understood, predictable mechanical properties.

Cooling Water Piping

BPL Melbourne Pty Ltd, Laverton

To improve the effectiveness of odour control at this site, BPL committed to a new ducting system with extraction to Biofilter treatment.  RGE was retained to fabricate and install the FRP ducting.  Continual liaison with BPL was necessary to meet the engineering and logistical challenges involved with erecting on and around the existing plant structures plus having an installation program that allowed continued production with no disruption.

FRP Ducting